Freeloaders INC

I'm really proud of you guys bro. Keep it up the good work i know you guys definitely can make it =D
~Freeloaders INC~

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3 Responses to Freeloaders INC

Anonymous said...

Hey Lee Ming,
Where did u get the straw hat with the ribbon from?? U knw anywhere in KL where they sell hats like these? Do help! Thanks!!

Bee said...

I saw that you will be selling your clothes soon.
Will you be interested to participate in a up & coming bazaar sometime around end of August?
Would be a pleasure to have you and your awesome clothes around! I'm eyeing your floral blazer. ;D

Please reply to my email. I will send a proposal to u abt the bazaar.

Thanks babe!! ;)

.:Leeming:. said...

anonymous:I bought it in KL hehe...u can find it in the curve Daiso =)

Bee:Yea i'm really interested but end of August i'm kinda bz moving out...don't think i can make it...maybe september =)...floral blazer my fav don plan to sell yet =)

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