What a great vacation! Really do wish that I could really go back there again but I am more that happy to bring back fond memories and experience. The sounds, the sites, the smells and all those pictures can certainly conjure up some great memories. These are the memories that I would like to share with others and can be serve as a guidance for their next vacation.

First and foremost, you could never go wrong in Phuket, Thailand with their lovely and exotic culture, their amazing and friendly people as well as their eye of the world beaches and islands. I can’t really remember when was the last time I have been to an island to unwind. That is why, I am all totally excited about this trip. We are so happy that we got ourselves staying in Patong beach. Apparently, Patong beach is the most happening place in Phuket. We stayed in a sparkling clean and pleasant guesthouse I must say, that was recommended by Izan (thank you Izan). Im not sure about you guys but as for me , all I need is a spotless and at ease place to stay in, would be more than enough for me. So for those who would like to stay in an inexpensive guesthouse, I would highly recommend “The Little Buddha Phuket Guesthouse” which only costs us about RM50 per night.

So, basically, the guesthouse is located at the heart of Patong beach which is so convenient as everything is around us. We have the gigantic newly opened mall called the Jungceylon shopping complex 3 minutes walk from our place. One thing about Thailand, they have loads of 7 eleven all within 5 minutes away from anywhere. On top of that, their concept of 7 eleven is diverse than ours. You can make your own sandwiches out of anything. They have various type of mains that you could just heat it up and eat it there and then like chicken with rice, egg fuyong with rice and etc. It does not taste like instant at all but it is definitely DELIcious. Besides that, what I like most about their 7 eleven is their products that they bring in. They are all so unique and rare with interesting packaging.

Guess i'll stop here~will talk about the night life in Patong soon.

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