Getting RID of my CLOTHES!!!

I'm getting rid most of my clothes SOON!!!

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9 Responses to Getting RID of my CLOTHES!!!

Crystal Hew said...

getting rid of your clothes?? having a garage sale?

kei said...

where, where? i'd love to go!

may i know what do u use to edit ur photos? i really love the vintage feel of all ur photos!

Nana said...

Where at its gonna be? I wanna attend too!:)

Roger said...

What happened? Your old clothes a size too big liao? hehe

abby said...

hey, haha
you serious?!
omg, need to tell us girl!

cyc said...

omgudness...why why?? but hey in with the new...gud choice too..;)

Makeupgeeek said...

sell some in your blog for your readers from sarawak pleaseeee... :D

Anonymous said...

giving it out for free? so kind of you

The Hangers said...

Dear Ming,

You have been a great inspiration and every little you come up with esp. you fashion post and all are so beautiful. Love to raid your closet too but if anything you fancy come visit us too. Good luck with the modeling, never let your braces get you down okay? God bless love!

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