Golden Lifestyle

My 1st time doing a beauty talk show.Basically this is a new beauty talkshow called golden lifestyle hosted by Amber Chia.Do remember to catch us on Astro =)

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8 Responses to Golden Lifestyle

Cindy Khor said...

you and amber chia looks gorgeous... oh yeah, and happy belated birthday..

HuiLinG said...

wow! you're being interviewed!
this program will be showing in my company's channel start from 1st of August!
great =D

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

Looking forward for the show! Ming you looks pretty..

Roger said...

Did they do the filming for a long time? You looked tired and sleepy in the photos.

Anonymous said...

Will it be in Cantonese or Mandarin? Post the video up!

I'm not Msian...

.:Leeming:. said...

Cindy Khor:haha thx...but she's way more gawjuz and taller =)

huiling:yea about my hair...its a very new programme =)

geok kee:hehe same here~

roger:quite long...i looks tired huh haha hmm mayb because of the make up =)

anonymous:it will be canto =) yeap will post up the vid once i got it k =)

flizzardo said...

amber chia is a monster.

Simon Seow said...

Is that Acha?

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