Yes! Yes! Yes!

I've been receiving lotsa good news recently yayy=). Finally I got a job! A full time job. What a relief!!! Most importantly the job profile matches my career aspirations. As many of you know that I wanted to do this for a long time. Thanks so much to Teresa and Wennice for giving me this great opportunity! You girls are awesome =D.

Now I have to juggle my full time job and 3 part time jobs. I understand that this is gonna be real hard...but I can manage my time well. *I hope so* This is crazy! Knowing the fact that I'm gonna be juggling an insane amount of stuff! I can feel a tidal wave of stress coming my way~ *SWOOSH*


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7 Responses to Yes! Yes! Yes!

FatiN said...

congratulations!! hope it works out great for you! ^^

Hayley said...

Congratulations and all the best Ming!

Mooi Yan said...

congrats Ming!hehe.You'll handle them well.:D

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks babe hehe~

.:Leeming:. said...

hayley: Thanks Hayley!

Mooi yan: Hopefully! Thanks Mooi Yan!

♥Yvvone Yee♥ said...

Congratzz Ming dear ^^ U did it~Awesome ! Keep up ur good work ya~~~Good luck !

Wennice said...

Congrats! Welcome to Gallo family.

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