I Think I fall In Love Again

As you know I don't talk about guy fashion...this blog is mainly about GIRLS! But There's something quirky about this guy that I really wanna talk about. I think he's every girls dream guy...or maybe just me~ He's one of my favorite celebrity guy crush ever since I watch young Hercules. I know that was so long ago =)...and I immediately fall for him after watching the epic romance movie 'The Notebook'. Yeap you guess it right is the charming Ryan Gosling.

He's not the mainstream pretty poster boy but he has classic features like that of a 50s movie star. This guy have attitude and I really admire his acting skills, but I had never realized how amazingly stylish he is. He dresses classic Bad Boy...very elegant, not all jewelery, the too messed up converse...It's all about layering basic wardrobe, easy and laid back. It is not too artsy almost kinda 90s elegant and formal looks, and I can say that Ryan Gosling is the best dressed actor right now.

I've found a few stylish pics of Ryan, and I have to share it here!

Needless to say he's one hot stylish man! Look at all these pictures~ *Faint* Maybe it isn't just the style...maybe it really is just him =D


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6 Responses to I Think I fall In Love Again

Kway Lee said...

Omg! i'm a huge fan of him. Super hot!

Kway Lee said...

Omg! i'm a huge fan. Super Hot!

.:Leeming:. said...

yea i'm a huge fan too! =)

AngelKein♥ said...

i love his sense of style :)

.:Leeming:. said...

me too! He's one good looking and stylish man.

pj said...

like johnny depp, only sleeker <3

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