Swing It, Shake It, Move It, Make It!

I know...I haven't been posting anything lately. It's crunch time again with WORK. I had a pretty hectic weekend...like seriously HECTIC! I was supposed to help out my partner at the Chic POP Street Market event and I had a last minute call from my agent Shaun saying that I've been chosen to be a featured talent for a TV commercial. I was so happy and at the same time I need to find a replacement to help me out at the event. Thank god my bestie YC willing to help me out =). I owe you big time babe~

Anyhoo~ I enjoy the shoot a lot. Although I don't look the best...I had the most clean and minimalist make up compare to the other talents, but I start to accept the natural side of Ming. Oh yea! I also met a few awesome people on the set too.

Meet the gorgeous Nurul my colleague on set =)

The NO make up look of Ming

Meet Fiza the sweetie pie, she's another colleague of mine on set.

Everyone is busy working on set...

and some of them had a good rest. Can't blame them cause our shoot start at 6am.

July is gonna be a BUSY MONTH! I'm actually planning my schedule right now hopefully everything goes well. Can't wait to start working again!

Have a great Monday all~Xoxo

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3 Responses to Swing It, Shake It, Move It, Make It!

FatiN said...

i don't know many people that can carry off minimalist make up but you're one of them.. you got great skin! *jealous* lol!! good luck with july!

.:Leeming:. said...

haha thanks for the compliment Fatin. You have great skin too babe!

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