Lunch at Fong Lye

Okay.. Before anything else, I am so sorry for the little "hibernation period" on 'What I Wore' post I had here with regards to my blog. Know that I'm back and I'll be sure to try to blog as much as I can. Sad to say that everyone here is busy to be my personal photographer =(.

Since everyone is busy I called up one of my college classmate Jeff to have lunch with me, so decided we hang out at The Gardens. Among the many restaurants in The Gardens, we chose to dine in Fong Lye because it was the most cheapest restaurant we could find...I guess =). Well I've read a lot of positive review about Fong Lye and it is always packed with people!!! Now let's try it!

The menu pictures look delicious and quite extensive as well, you can choose from snacks, drinks, noodles, rice or the standard set meals that comes with a platter of three appetizers, a bowl of rice with minced pork and a small bowl of chicken soup.

We ordered two types of food, Dry Udon Beef Set Meal and Fried Slice Beef With Green Onion

Dry Udon Beef Set Meal: The slices of beef are soft and tender. I can't even finish this up cause the portions is too huge for me.

Jeff 's Fried Slice Beef With Green Onion looks good too.

We enjoyed our food, chatting and had good laughs, just like any friend gathering luncheon, which is always fun of course! After makan we went window shopping.

Then we saw this! That is definitely one evil sale haha~

All in all we thought the food in Fong Lye was ok, We can't seem to understand what's the hype about Fong Lye? But we definitely had a great time catching up =).


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