How To Make Your Legs Appear Longer

Sorry I've been totally MIA for the past few days. How's ya weekend people? Well I have a ton of things to finish but it's all good! I definitely love being productive. I was busy with a few events, advertorials write up, and of course The Childlike Empress. There's a lot of work to do...Sigh* but I can definitely do this. I even started job hunting! =D Anyhoos, here's a blog post on 'What I Wore".

What I Wore
High waist shorts is consider a must have in every girls closet. This garment was originally to be trendy in the early seventies but is now very popular.It's definitely a big come back. High waist pants are very versatile. Just put it on with a simple top and sandals trust me you'll never go wrong with it. If you're not tall no worries, this is the ideal pants because it can make ya legs look longer~

Stripe Shirt, Can't remember where I got this - Braces, Four Skin - High Waist Pleated Shorts, - Satchel, Topshop - Scarf, Lulu Guinness.

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2 Responses to How To Make Your Legs Appear Longer

Hayley said...

Love your bag!

♥Yvvone Yee♥ said...

You're right about high waist pants making our legs look miles longer, Ming.. But there's one problem that I need to encounter >.< I think my behind looks big tho T.T can u gimme a few pointers pls ?

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