Tuesday Lunch

Cant believe we're entering July <3. Don't you think time just running out too fast...It's like the half of the year already? But July is always been my favorite month of the year. Not only because It's my birthday, I just love July for no reasonable reason. My July is gonna be different this year. I'm gonna use this month to set goals for the year ahead.

Anyway, enough about grandmother story and on to my outfit. I know I haven't been able to blog about my recent outfit posts. So here am I again!

What I Wore

I wore a very bohemian-ish outfit for a special lunch date with the mister today. I know I won't be having lunch with him when I start working =). I must say I love this outfit especially my floral headdress, a fine display of idyllic village and 70's style. For another thing, If you're planning for a garden theme wedding...you definitely need to put on a floral headdress =).

Hand Made Floral Headdress, TheChildlikeEmpress.com - Hot Pink Love Button Crop Top, TheChildlikeEmpress.com - Brown Vest, Topshop - Shorts, Hollister  - Wedges, The Curve Street Market - Bohemian Bucket Bag, Modestarr.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Lunch

Sherrie said...

Pretty outfit! I love the shoes! =D

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks Sherrie! I got it from the curve street market =)

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