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I love my iPhone!!! Just a brilliant product in the Apple iPhone. It's a mobile phone, an iPod, and Web browser in your pocket, giving you music, video, e-mail, notes, the Internet, and more. As a cam whore what I really really love about this phone is the camera and all the photo Apps that are available today... I must say, my iPhone is quickly replacing my snap and shoot camera. Oh plus all the exciting games. There are so many exciting iPhone games to kill time =).

I got so addicted to playing games recently. ( WARNING: This might sound disgusting) I even play my iPhone games on the toilet...I know you do too! I
wont take a dump without bringing my phone with me, LOL I can play any game that I have on my iphone on the toilet =D.

Anyway, I was planning to get a new iPhone 4...but I've change my mind yesterday after seeing this lil evil.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY is no exception, it has a 4-inch display and a 1GHz processor to ensure a smooth gaming experience with exceptional Frames Per Seconds (FPS). Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY pack a full gaming and smartphone experience with Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread OS at its heart. What sets XPERIA PLAY apart from other mobile phones with gaming capability are its dedicated gaming controls; which by the way are as good as PlayStation DualShock or PSP Go. And we have the 4-inch touch screen which means that you can play all touch screen game available in Android Market. This is definitely Great news for gamers and even non gamers! With Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY, there will never be a dull moment because now you can enjoy non-stop entertainment with the best games on your mobile.

Excited much? Wait I haven't finish yet! The
great news is it is now available from as low as RM848 on Celcom Exec:

• Sign up now and enjoy:
- FREE Multimedia Dock DK300
- FREE exclusive games

- Stand a chance to participate in Sony Ericsson Xperia Play gaming contest to win RM100,000!

Enjoy call rates as low as 10.5sen/min (after 30% discount), free mobile Internet and calls within network on weekends and even low monthly commitment fees!

More information on Xperia PLAY on Celcom’s website!

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One Response to Xperia PLAY

Phillip said...

Xperia Play for only RM848. i would definitely check out on this. Thanks for the info ming.

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