Job Hunting?

I've created another look =) Hope you girls love it!

I think I should scout for a being a fashion stylist! Haha~ ok you probably thought I'm joking. Seriously I'm not =). I always love styling and I know It's not easy. Being a stylist you must have a good sense of "what's in" color and styles and what looks good on a body and basically just help shop from what's available. You need to picks out clothes for photo shoots, picks out what clothes go on the mannequins window displays at stores, and decide what clothes are going to be "
it" for that season.

Well besides that, the best thing about being a stylist is that you have to look good all the time especially if you need it for your job. And even if you are just working inside the office the whole day, you still wish to look beautiful and gorgeous not for the sake of other people but for yourself.

I guess I should start job hunting! =D Have a great day people~

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4 Responses to Job Hunting?

FatiN said...

I think you would make a fantastic stylist! You should definitely go for it. Sure it's not gonna be easy but when everything falls into place, it's gonna be worth it.. :)

FatiN said...

Work is fun if it's something you're passionate about & fashion comes naturally to you.. All the best! :)

♥Yvvone Yee♥ said...

I totally agree with Fatin ^^ U should really try out in this particular field since so many of us like the way u mix n matches ur clothes.. Besides the outfits u created using polyvore is totally awesome ! Try it Ming, u will not lose anything just by trying :)

.:Leeming:. said...

Fatin: Thanks for the support babe XOXO~ =)Yvonne: Hehe thanks babe, thanks so much for supporting! Let the job hunting begin! =)

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