Say Hello To MONEY!

Hello lovelies~ Welcome to my new blog =). Hope you love the new layout cause I personally love it a lot =)...simple yet clean.Thanks to Sean you're a genius! =)

Anyway I would like to share another great news to all my readers. I've been receiving great news lately and I thought my readers should too hehe. I was wondering how many of you can stand long distance relationship? Telling you the truth I can't. Long distance relationship aren't for everybody. If you're someone who ranks physical intimacy over emotional connection like me, long distance relationships maybe extremely challenging.

Well the worst part is there's no physical intimacy. No hugs. No kisses. No holding hands. No cuddling in bed. No to a lot of things! You won't be able to be there for each other during unpredictable event and crisis. no matter how much you want or wish to.

Or maybe you are someone who treasures spending quality time and engaging in fun activities with ya lover. Meaningful conversation is the key to keep the spark ALIVE! For any relationship to work, communication is necessary and most vital tool. A telephone call is all what is needed to connect the hearts apart. It's so much nicer to hear the voice of ya loved one after a stressful day~I know financial can be a burden, anticipate the high phone bills. Worry no more! cause you actually can earn more through making more calls =D.

Now there's an incentive why you should make more calls. EXCLUSIVELY for Celcom users. You'll get rewarded with CASH if you make more calls!

All you have to do is make as much calls as you can and WIN RM50,000 CASH! 5 domestic calls made in a day gives you 1 chance at winning the weekly cash prize, so the more calls you make, the higher chances of you winning.

For a period of 4 weeks, starting from 6th june to 3rd of July, every calls you make can lead you one step closer to winning. Every week, one winner will be chosen to grab the RM50,000 CASH PRIZE.

The weekly period:

Week 1 (6 - 12 June 2011)

Week 2 (13 - 19 June 2011)

Week 3 (20 - 26 June 2011)

Week 4 ( 27 June - 3 July 2011)

So what are you waiting for? Start CALLING~ Calling~ calling~ who knows you might be the lucky winner. For more information please visit

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4 Responses to Say Hello To MONEY!

Yvvone Yee said...

Wow ! U have a new blog now, Ming ^^ Congratzz~An online toast to your new lovely blog and new job, too !

caelynne said...

nice new blog! love it :) anyways its so sweet of your welcome notes :)

.:Leeming:. said...

Hehe thanks so much caelynne =)

.:Leeming:. said...

Hehe Thanks so much babe =). I've send an email to you on FB do check it out ya and let me know asap hehe~

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