My Blog Loading Too Slow!

For the past few days my blog loading too slow! I am quite frustrated about it right now...thought of changing it to WordPress =). I'm new about using WordPress and currently at the development of my blog. Well yea...I'm at the development process yet and I am having problems here because everything is so different from blogspot. Please suggest some ways to handle this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

p/s: Sean if you read this I really need ya help when you're back! =D

What I Wore:
Now time for the fashion post, I wore this look for a meeting today for maximum comfort. I was too lazy to dress up to dress it up abit effortless. I pulled on my comfortable embroidered bohemian top from, tied a braided chain headband From as well...then finish up this look with my favorite gladiator wedges! WALLA~ yet another effortless bohemian style =)

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Embroidered Bohemian Top, - Braided Chain Headband, -Gladiator Wedges, The Curve Weekend Market.

Oh yea and not forgetting this! Go get ya hands on The world's first Playstation certified android phone - Xperia PLAY from Celcom Exec. Don't said I didn't share this earlier =)~ I always fascinating about Xperia PLAY is that it really look like Playstation. It's like a game machine + cell cool is that!

After all that I've said, I think the no one advantage of using Xperia PLAY is still the affordable plan on Celcom Exec. You can update all you want without having worry about your bill and you also can get it as low as RM848.

• Sign up now and enjoy:
- FREE Multimedia Dock DK300
- FREE exclusive games

- Stand a chance to participate in Sony Ericsson Xperia Play gaming contest to win RM100,000!

Was thinking should I make the switch? =) For more information on Xperia PLAY on Celcom's website.

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2 Responses to My Blog Loading Too Slow!

♥Yvvone Yee♥ said...

Totally ♥ your outfit !!
Hmm.. Wordpress is fast but the design is more to the proper side right~cant make it fancy and all if i'm not wrong ?

Rachel Scarlet said...

Ming I love your wedges lar!

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