Having Fun and Being Happy

Spending a lil time with the sister and mister over the weekend and a bevy of fun outings...We spend our chit-chit session at one of our favorite restaurant Ole Ole Bali. Gosh I miss this place and the food. YUM* I had a great time catching up with my sis and the mister. I've hardly had a chance to recharge my batteries before jumping straight into the workweek! Did I say workweek? No...I'm working everyday~ sigh...

Having fun versus being happy: two of the same or completely different? Having fun implies temporary gratification, but being happy is a life-long process. I guess =)

Loving the deco~

My favorite Barley Lime. The glasses came with a folded up pandan leaf and lime for presentation sake. After all, they had already dumped a ton of pandan flavoring into the barley lime. Nevertheless, it taste really good and refreshing.

Our favorite Squid Salad. It goes with sour sauce dressing. surprisingly, the sauce goes well with the salad. Love it!

Have a nice day people xo~

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