Very Merry Christmas Party

Omg I've been busy recently and I'm so sorry for the lack of updates. I got to continue this post...well we definitely had an amazing christmas and hopefully you all did too. my god bro and sis plan a Christmas partywhich was awesome! it was really nice to see my family and friends...We had a blast cooking, playing cards and catching up~ Oh...I had a blast opening presents too! Thanks guys for the pressie ( you know who you are ).

Too bad the weather was so HOT in Malaysia ,we have never had a White Christmas…not once…not a white ANY DAY we had. I have never experience a white Christmas before and really looking forward to that. I always imagined it to be nice, thick, fluffy,white snow covering the landscape so I can play in the snow, build snowballs and create snowman. But over here in Malaysia, malls have to resort to prettying up the decor with plenty of cotton. Sigh~ How I wish it snows in Malaysia. Anyhoo we are enjoying the holiday and spending time with the family and friends, here are a few moments that I managed to capture...

Look at all the delicious food~

Sis  bake shepherd's pie...yum!

Xanthus's delicious berry salad

Lily AWESOME french crepes

Haha the lazy me bought pizza~

I can't stop eating~


Xanthus have to do so many stupid things LOL! You definitely got to watch the video below.

 The mister and the ex have to do some gay pose

2nd ROUND!

French Crepe + Nutella + Vanilla Ice-cream = AWESOME!

The ex was there too =)

We had a few drinks, then sing the night away to our favorite tunes~

and took silly pictures!

Oh check out Lily speaks Mandarin =)

I'm always a little sad when christmas is over. it's such an amazing time of the year. next stop new years!!! can't wait share more pictures! xo.

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