Mixing Neon & Gray

Ever wonder Neon + Gray can be really AWESOME color together?

I recently clean out my closet to make room for new clothes and to get rid old clothes that I know I never wear. Guess what I found? =D I found a few bright colors pieces that I've never worn before. I'm obsessed with the emerging trend of combining neon accessories with dark hues for Fall.  This is a great way to brighten up dark days haha!

I took my neon green top and paired it with a darker green high waist skirt...then top it up with a slightly preppy gray boyfriend blazer~Walla!

Neon Green Top | Baci - Dark Green High Waist Skirt | Baci - Gray Boyfriend Blazer | Baci - Black Belt | Baci - Vintage Silver Watch | Baci , Black Pumps | Aldo , Bag | Marc and Marc Jacobs.

Can't believe most of the things I wore here from Baci =). So are you gonna bring any neon back in your life? XO!

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4 Responses to Mixing Neon & Gray

Suresh said...

Poser!! :D

.:Leeming:. said...

haha yeap I'm a poser =D

Eunice said...

elegant poser! :D

.:Leeming:. said...

hehe thanks Eunice =)

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