A Truly Merry Christmas

This is what I wore on Saturday while hanging out with the old friend Stephanie. She need help for Christmas present idea, buying a Christmas gift for your girlfriend is totally fine but guyfriend is tricky, especially if he seems to have everything or is overly practical. So I offer to help her =).

I still can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. As you know the month of December is one of the busiest time for many shopping malls. It is the make it or break it test for retailers to draw in the crowds into their stores. Shopping malls will spend money and effort to put up beautiful Christmas decorations in the atrium and within the mall. Beautiful Christmas decorations can in fact draw in large crowds who are keen to view the decorations and take photos like us~ So Steph and I decide to visit Pavilion.

I was so impressed with the beautiful Christmas decorations  put up at Pavilion. It's almost like a candy wonderland~ Obviously there was a large crowd of people taking photos of theChristmas decorations.

There's a carousel!

There isn't only ONE christmas tree but MANY!

trees and rain dears are covered in pretty LED lights~

We are the "Xmas ornaments dolls" =)

Free Popcorn!

Hello Kitty!

AWESOME! This time around, it was more about lights and Xmas tree and ornaments.

cotton candies!

Scottish marching band performance

After all the photo taking, we were kinda thirsty and "Chatime" was the only thing on my mind =)

Steph is not familiar with "Chatime'' this is actually her first time having it.


OH! Have you guys been to this store call typo?! I went nuts over this store! Typo is originally from Australia. The first time I went there I wanted to buy EVERYTHING because all the things they have there are just so pretty and cute! They have like various wooden carved deco, cards, journal, frames, cups and many more cute and creative stuff!

If you haven't visit Typo you muuust go! Because I would definitely come back for more!

Steph happily shopping for her Christmas gifts =). She bought 2 bags for the girlfrinds, a tie and a unique cufflinks for the guyfriends.

Counting the damages!

I had a wonderful time with Steph, If you haven’t gone to the mall during this Christmas season, make some time to do so and enjoy the Christmas spirit at the shopping malls.

Oh yeah we thought of baking ginger bread cookies for Christmas =). I Can't wait for the next meet up. XO~

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One Response to A Truly Merry Christmas

benjaminvai said...

i always wan to go on a guilt free shopping spree T.T

but my heart doesnt wanna do it. ahah mybrain is no helping as well.

Merry Christmas!

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