It's Grandma's 80th Birthday!

 I supposed to edit these pictures like way earlier, but I'm so afraid to open the file cause there's too many pictures to edit! Finally I've done everything~ This gonna be a heavy picture post!

 Its my grandmother’s 80th birthday. I know! I know! Most women do not like their age being put out there, but when you’re 80 years old, it’s a big deal! You wear the badge of honor! It’s actually an honor for me to be able to write something over here about her making it to this milestone while still blessed with good health, a sound mind and an incredible spirit that makes everyone around her smile.

So to Grandma, the person most responsible, as well as one of the direct contributors to my sense of humor, without you we wouldn't have a wonderful life today~Happy Birthday MaMak. I hope to be as incredible as you someday!

OK now feast ya eyes with these pictures!

Look at the sleepy faces, we're forced to wake up early to have breakfast. Yeap we had Mee Sua~ Mee Sua is a MUST! It is a tradition that is still strongly practice for Hokkiens to eat mee suah at all important celebrative occasions such as birthdays, weddings & Lunar New Year.

Red egg is a must have item when Chinese family celebrating Birthday, baby's full month, wedding~

Ang ku kueh translates directly from Hokkien into "red tortoise cakes". They are glutinous rice cakes with various sweet fillings served on a banana leaf. You will most commonly see mung bean or peanut fillings. Yummilicious!

My aunt make this colorful jelly cake, simply loving~ I would have killed to have a birthday cake like this as a child, it's so pretty and colourful.

Cham Cha session! We held a mini tea ceremony. Well In the Chinese society, offering a cup of tea to the elder generation is a sign of respect...and I’m actually very proud that our family still carries the tradition to perform tea ceremony during birthdays for the elders. It’s an honour to kneel before you grandma and offer my sincere wishes and present to you.

Family picture time!

The god bro spoil this picture!

The lovely god bro and sis =)

Cute poser!

Before we all get ready for dinner, my cuzzy bought some Hokaido cakes to alas perut~ It looks like flat cupcakes or maybe muffins with icing sugar sprinkled on top.

The cake is really soft and the fresh cream in the center is yummy. It's simply delicious!

All dolled up and  ready for dinner!

Relatives from KL, Johor, Penang arrived to celebrate the event. We definitely need a van =)

My  2 lil cutie pie! Mom custom their dresses.

A video clip of Grandma's old  pictures and wedding pictures was aired, bringing back fond old memories to Grandma's siblings.

Uncle Guan giving a good speech~

As usual daddy being a joker on stage! Everyone laughing at his speech when he said "Chinese parents raise such stereotypically successful kid is because the children are totally controlled...I'm in my 50's and I'm still controlled by this women. Just imagine I have to write a letter before I traveled with my biker gang in Convoy to Thailand because I'm afraid to tell her. I can't start my bike in the house compound so what I do is I push my bike to a certain distance where she can't find out I'm actually leaving, but still kantoi she's was actually watching my move from the balcony. Parents are annoying sometimes~ but I'll always love ya mummy."


My dad was known to be a great singer so everyone got him to get up to the front and sing a song for his mom.

Finally dinner is served!

Mom got up on stage and dance while daddy is singing~

Then we started dancing along~

Uncle Guan and Auntie Lili sang a song for grandma too.

Zhi Herk is enjoying the food =D

Here we go again~

The highlight was of course my grandma’s cake cutting moment. Grandma is officially 80 years old. Erm~ 80 years old…gosh that is old! and for me to think that I am old now…ZIP!

Family picture again~

Daddy and his cowboy look. This fella is a joker la!

All the drunken!

The both of us!

Mom's side family~

Itwas such a fun night showing grandma how much we appreciate her and all that she does. I love her so much and thank god for giving me such a great and loving grandma who is always there for us.

Grandma here is to many many many more birthdays, you still have so much kick in your life, and such funny spirit about you. The smile you put on my face is so priceless Happy Birthday my love~


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