A Day With Jeff

Last Saturday Jeff and I went to IKEA! Thanks for the company Jeff =). We literally spend the whole day there and it was so exciting~ I'm not even sure when my love affair with IKEA morphed into an obsession. You may complain about their simple designs but you cannot deny the fact that IKEA simply has the best options when it comes to home furnishing shopping. Where else would you find shelves in such unique shapes and sizes, there is something from Ikea that will fit just right. If you don’t like the appearance of their pieces, you can easily make them over. This is how the idea of “IKEA hacking” was born. Their ad campaigns is always so creative and SUPERB!

Off to Ikea! The traffic jam was crazy~ it took us 1 hour plus to get there...

Christmas Carol

Now on to shopping!

EER these dolls certainly look creepy~

Weee~ I found the furniture I want!

Gosh this is heavy! Jeff I really need a helping hand here!

he gave me a irritating look and stick out his tongue. “Fine, then!”

I think I'm done here!

OHH wait I need a chair too =).

Ok I think I'm done shopping

Christmas tree! I really can't wait for Christmas.

Dude lets go over there and check out the Christmas decorations!

Jeff got boring already~

OK! OK! Let me do the payment then we can get out from this place =D

But before that lets get some ice cream =). How can you leave IKEA without having their vanilla ice-cream, especially after a tired furniture shopping day out.

It was certainly a great day! XO~

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2 Responses to A Day With Jeff

RachelScarlet said...

I saw my friend in your pictures..one of the carolers! lol! :P

.:Leeming:. said...

hahaa you have such a good observation =)

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