Another Day Of Shoot

Remember the stop motion video I was talking about? Well you can check out the previous blog post HERE~

Well Finally It's all OVER!!! 14 hours of shoot can you believe it. I had so much fun working with these guys and I've learnt so much throughout the whole shoot. Mix equal parts digital camera, computer, and imagination, and you’re on your way. Although creating stop motion animation is not difficult, it is time-consuming, repetitive and requires patience. As long as you're forewarned and keen, this makes a fantastic hobby and sometimes even grows into a career. I found taking the pics speedy and fun, but turning the pics into a movie was dull and tedious.

here's a few sneaky behind the scenes pictures~

Look how Kojak and Masrin DIY the camera stand haha...YEAP! It is very important to support the camera or place it so that it is sitting steadily and cannot shake as you take the photos. Otherwise, the end result will appear chaotic and lack continuity.

This is Kojak he's one creative dude!

I was a lil frustrated while waiting for my scene, but....

Masrin entertained me with all his funny movement sequence. Oh yeah~ FYI  we have to move bit by bit, very small movements each time. It may be the entire body if we need to do a walking movement, flying or it may just be an arm, head or leg. Poor Masrin...he have the most scene. It's almost like he's working out LOL~ I guess he lost a few pounds after the shoot.

I'm still waiting~

Finally my scene!

I was laughing all the way...I wish we have bloopers video for this!


The 3 creative child behind this project!

You’d be surprised how funny and entertaining a stop motion video can be! XO~

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2 Responses to Another Day Of Shoot

seryuean said...

Good work! Can't wait to see hw the videos turns out :) All the best ming! and the crew too!

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks so much yuean~ Hehe I cant wait to see the video too =)

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