The Best Of 2011

It's january, a new year, a time for goals and resolutions.  I want to look back and give a big thanks for all the amazing things I was able to do, and the inspiring people I was able to meet! 2011 was jam packed with awesomeness! It's not a a bad year after all~ Although I knew that there’s so many things I haven’t achieve…hack! who cares~ not everybody achieves their resolutions. This year I’ll work harder and improve my life.

Here goes my life in year 2011 It was a great one! So many amazing memories, experiences and adventures. ENJOY!


Well there's nothing exciting on January, but this is the 1st Nuffnang event party I attend on year 2011.


I was invited to be on 8TV Quickie.


I had a wonderful time with the family during Chinese New Year!


 I got featured as March D Blogger Of The Month in

MGMT is here in Malaysia!

I feel so honored that Topshop has named me as one of their favorite bloggers in Malaysia.


featured on Tongue In Chic Store news

honored to be one of the blogger to blog about Topshop Dress Up


Horlicks TVC

I turned 24 years old


Libresse viral commercial

MTV World Stage

Olay Breakthrough Challenge TVC and Blogger with Wennice dal~

I'm on Seventeen magazine


Digi Super Reload Social print ad

Digi Super Reload Social TVC with Lisa, Aizat and Sam.


Samsung Galaxy SII viral ad

BEST present from the mister


2years anniversary

Moving out to a new place


My 1st football match

the grand winner of ‘Foxy Girl Most Wanted’ contest!

My 2011 end perfectly an amazing year indeed. Heres to making 2012 even better! =). Now say bye to the year of rabbit. 2012, Bring it on! XO.

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2 Responses to The Best Of 2011

henrytan said...

wow what a good year 2011 for u! keep it up and all the best in 2012! =D

Alien said...

first time reading ur blog! and i found its awesome! :D

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