A Day With The Loved Ones

2 days to Chinese New Year weEeee~ Once again I'm back to my hometown for this great season,  all I can say... "Home Sweet Home!". Yup, the best things to be back to your hometown is you can gather all your friends & family as a group reunion. I started my journey with the cuzzie from KL to Malacca & it took us about 1 and the half hours to reach the destination. Surprisingly no jam at all, smooth all the way. Can't wait for family reunion dinner tomorrow~

I promise I'll take more pictures this Chinese New Year! Well before I went back to Malacca and celebrate my Chinese New Year with the family...I did spend time and do some last minute shopping with the mister last weekend.

This is What I Wore:

I layer my favorite polka dot dress with a sheer shirt...and to make my look more sophisticated I add on a chunky lace necklace WALLAAA! I've always loved polka-dots, Its very retro, fresh,vibrant and they are almost everywhere these days. I guess one day I will definitely be mixing them with another polka-dot, a stripe, a zig zag, a floral~you name it! whatever it may be...something is  gonna get mixed!!! enjoy!

I'm loving my new necklace!

Here we are at Pavilion~

Goto to take some pictures with the bears =)

Pavilion Chinese New Year decorations was awesome! But I didn't manage to take photos cause there were too many people. It was so crowded that day.

I've been craving for Japanese food, one of the reasons I loved Japanese foods so much is because my passion upon sushi. It has been a while since I had sushi...we decided to pop into Ichiban Boshi to try it out~

The place was comfortable with warm lightings created a cosy ambient in the restaurant. There's many booth seats around the well stocked kaiten belt.

Loving the deco

The menu at Ichiban Boshi is very comprehensive; with a wide range of affordable sushi, to sashimi, main courses and most of the essential Japanese food that you will expect to find in a Japanese restaurant.

We had Salmon Maru, It's thin sliced salmon wrapped around some rice, topped with generous amount of mayo and fish roe.

Aburi Salmon, grilled salmon on a bed of rice, basically salmon nigiri but slightly seared. This was quite nice.

Ebiko, look at those red eye-catching granules!

Sakura Sushi

Sashimi & Sushi Wazen

Overall, I wasn't really impressed with most of the dishes we tried there...but the prices were reasonable for a Jap place and service is excellent. I'll probably venture back some time to try out more variations when my sushi craze kicks in again~

All in all I had a wonderful time with the mister~ XO

 p/s: I believe a lot of Chinese people will be going back to their home town to celebrate the biggest festival of the year. If you are driving back to your hometown please drive safely.

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