Lana Del Rey

Why does my internet connection have to suck so bad lately? Annoying to the max. I felt so lifeless without internet connection...I can't do anything much except drawing figure. So here's my artwork! Meet my new obsession Lana Del Rey... I am so in love with Lana Del Ray recently, both her style and her voice. She have the most exquisite, delicate and mysterious voice. This amazing artist is about to release her debut album in January 30 of 2012. This album is titled "BORN TO DIE"...WOW...I can't wait!

p/s: Well I think this is not a good drawing, it doesn't really look like Lana Del Rey...but I'll definitely try harder next time~

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2 Responses to Lana Del Rey

Gabrielle said...

you're getting really good with this!

.:Leeming:. said...

thanks babe~ been practicing =)

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