A Trip Back To Malacca

OMG! Can't believe I just woke up...I've never been this hungover. Hate this feeling...I turn too fast and my head starts spinning haven’t had one of these in I don’t know how long~  I am NEVER drinking like that again. HOLY CRAP!

Enough of hungover shit, lets talk about my trip back to Malacca! Anyways, We went back to Malacca last weekend for the long weekend because we wanted to celebrate grandpa birthday earlier. We left on Saturday evening and reached there at night. We had our birthday dinner celebration on Saturday night. My grandpa's birthday is usually a few weeks after the new year. It's really like another family gathering plus all the yummy food!

With the beautiful weather we’ve been having, it’s time for potlucks!

Everyone was there! It wasn't that we were just there to celebrate Grandpa's birthday, we were there to see everyone and catch up with the family.

 What is going on here! Everyone is so obsess with their tech.  I am a big fan of technology but sometimes we need to turn it off  in order to be closer to the family =).

When everyone is busy with their tech, Daddy have to show us this video of him preforming at The 3 Nation Charity Ride. FYI The 3 Nation Charity Ride was founded in 1994 when a group of superbikers from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand went on a road trip together around Thailand. They noticed that the group generated a lot of interest wherever they went and decided to take advantage of this situation and put it to good use. The interest that the group generate can be used to create awareness or help the under-privileged.

I was supposed to attend this event to blog about it...cause I'm sure you guys will go crazy over these bikes. But too bad I can't make it home.

Dad and his biker friends in obscene dresses.

My dad is a joker! He's definitely not shy being a "PONDAN" on stage. He just cracked us up!

It's time to blow candles and eat the cake. HAPPY 85th BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!

On Sunday morning, the weather was so windy and not hot. So, me and the god sis decided to hang out.  We was having lots of fun! What did we do? WE EAT!

We went to Nadeje for a tea break, Nadeje is famous for Mille crepes and a lot of people come in just to have that. There were people coming in just as a table clears and queues to have Mille crepe to go too.

The queue was crazy!

Orange and Chocolate Mille Crepe

This is new! It’s incredibly light and fluffy due to the multitude of layers and the creamy aftertaste is simply divine. I could eat this all day long and not get tired of it. It’s rich and creamy without being cloyingly sweet.

Walnut Praline Mille Crepe

Another new flavor! The fact that walnut praline tastes sweet makes it a favorite dessert of many. Can you imagine the taste of crunchy praline walnuts in between creamy mille crepe.

After a great tea break we headed to the cinema.

Later that night my sis helped me to dye my hair =).

On Monday I decided to hang out with my family. Yeap we eat again!

 When I'm back I never fail to visit Jeta Groves. Jeta Groves is the lovely place to kickoff your day with breakfast or tea break to refresh your day. You should not miss the Mee Goreng mamak, Mee Rebus, Mee rojak, Mee Siam, Nyonya laksa, nyonya curry, Nasi lemak, Durian Cendol, Air Batu Campur (ABC) and many many more local delicacies.

I had a Mee Siam and I love it very much. Full of aroma and fragrant. The beehoon is of the right texture and the taste is just right.

Mom oedered Lontong

The mister ordered Mee Rebus

Soon after that, we had cendol and durian cendol.  The smooth ice-shaving concoction came with a generous serving of creamy coconut milk and decadent gula Melaka. The durian was thick and creamy, with a slight bitter aftertaste. This gave an interesting twist to the typical cendol. The creaminess and the pungent aroma linger on, so we were very careful not to burp in the car!

We continue eating!

Most of the tourist would surely go to Jonker Street to experience to the old Malacca, its invaluable heritage, history and also local goods and food. But located just right next to Jonker Street is Medan Selera Tengkera which mostly only serve the locals. Located at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, this place used to be stalls under a big tree and even know the tree is still maintained but the food court is now much clean and tidy with roof over it’s top.

We ordered Tau Kua~ Tau Kua is sort of a local thing, I had never had this in KL before. Its fried tofu, all cut up and serve with pineapples and cucumber at the bottom and chili paste on top. YUM~

I had so much fun with the family, can't wait to go back for Chinese New Yaer~ XO!

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2 Responses to A Trip Back To Malacca

The mister said...

Ah gong looks shocked!! Haha ying ying was epic! LOL

FiSh said...

wow your dad seriously did the pondan look? incredible! :) he's such an entertainer for the family!

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