No Pain, No Gain

Despite the hectic schedule lately, fitness continues to be a prime interest mine. Although to be honest, I haven’t been getting to the gym much lately, I've lost my oomph! I probably gained 2kg on my weight =D...  but have fortunately been eating properly.  In fact, I've been finding that, from a maintenance perspective, a regular simple workout combined with healthy, properly clean eating can work wonders for maintenance.


Really, the best exercise is to jog. Start out walking 3 miles a day and keep a record of how long it takes you to walk the 3 miles. Try to do it faster and faster everyday and pretty soon you will be able to jog the whole distance no sweat. Besides that, rope jumping is an effective cardiovascular workout and It's also an excellent fat burner. Jumping rope burns approximately 750 calories per hour, which is more than any other popular exercise except running. The faster you jump, the more calories you burn.


I always love eating junk food, So I’ve changed my eating habits lately, I’ve been sticking with oats, yogurt, raisin, and fruits~


Getting lots of sleep – one of the most important (yet incredibly under-appreciated) elements of maintaining a healthy body.

Run Steph! RUN!

Muscle pain and soreness after exercise? Don't worry Perskindol Cool Spray has an immediate cooling effect and helps to prevent swelling. I'm loving this product!

 no pain, no gain!


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