I Love Her To Death

 I'm so glad that my evil twins Charlotte is up in KL. It's been awhile since we last met. GOSH I miss this girl so much! She's one of the best people I have ever met. I love her to death~

I met her since we were in college and we just totally clicked! I feel like she's the only friend I've had that hasn't left me after one year (drifted apart), and I can tell her anything and everything. She's special to me because we can be honest with each other, we have a lot of fun together, and we don't pressure each other to do anything we don't want to. She's like my best friend and an elder sister because I can pour my heart and soul out to her, and she won't judge me at all and she can do the same with me.

p/s: Congratulations on your relationship and being crazy in love =).


We have a secret...hmm we love to check out pretty girls on Facebook =)

She always got me a gift when she's back, thanks darl~

I occupied her time with lotsa shopping, eating, chatting...We find it funny that the two of us have the same taste in fashion and everything, we also strongly believe that we don't need high end fashion labels to look chic and trendy.

She got some cute stuff from Daiso to decorate her pink cell phone =)

Camwhore again!

I really love my pressie babe! Thanks so much~ Hugs I'm gonna miss ya so bad!

Chinese New year is just around the corner~ Have you finished your Chinese New Year shopping? Hmm I think I did =D...will show you what I bought for Chinese New year soon! XO!

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