yet another mission

Flea's over~ and I know December It's gonna be a busy month for back to my normal routine there's another important mission is yet to be done. The hard part for me is finding the time to do this on the busy days. If I miss a day, it quickly becomes two, three then I give up. I hate it, but it’s what happens. Trying to catch up as the month goes on and gets near impossible!!!

This week I literally spend the whole week running errands and catching meetings around the I need to get a lot of stuff for the flea. On Friday, Since the boss is back I managed to take a half day leave to grab all the thing i needed for the upcoming flea.

We went to the city and grab railings then Ikea for hangers. The traffic is driving us crazy! For those who doesn't know how to drive, I think you should just rot at home.

camouflage! my checkered shirt blend in well with the bed sheet =)

real christmas tree!!!

"baby we are here for ya hangers and not for some Christmas tree remember~"

"but Christmas is just around the corner, we haven't get anything yet for the Christmas decoration...we need lights, pretty glass ornament and garlands."

"Not today...we are running out of time and you need to get back to work!"

"OK~ok~since I tak leh beli can i take a short look at the decorations thingy"

glittery heart shape ornament I want!


more pretty lights!


"Yea yea I'm done....

Tak jadi beli Christmas decorations...beli ginger bread house pulak =)



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