Genting Phobia


"Wouldn't it be nice if we were in New York"

"I don't want to go to New York"


"I want to visit places like Miami, Amsterdam..."

"You always love to travel places where you can find lotsa chics with skimpy swimsuits and clothes around"

"-______________- ~~NO!!"

"Yea RIGHT!"

So much for being in New York HAHA I'm only at Genting. Not enough budget to visit New York yet...but I will one day =). It's been a long, long time I haven't been to Genting and I don't really like that place. WHY? Remember? the bus crash incident back in year 2007...It was a tragic accident to us cause my uncle and his daughter is one of the victim. That is why I always hate to travel that long winding road up the hill.

Well since the mister had made a good effort to convince me to Genting. Oh well ok~

I can't believe how much this place has CHANGED!

I know It's freezing cold but I still want my Java Chip Frappuccino =).

White trench coat with assorted buttons, Dude And The Duchess - Polkadot crop top, BKK - Pencil Skirt, ThePopLook - Sheer leggings, Daiso - Mary Jane Pumps, Aldo.

Excited Much!!!

It's so effing cold out there!

I'm loving their Christmas decoration. It's so creative! I like the spontaneity of use of recycled plastic bottles made into Christmas decors…

The First World Hotel is an awefully fugly building. It was voted as 1 of the world's uglist building. Hmm...well at least we're in the top 12 of something LOL~

Last spot before going home...dinner at Old Town. I got no idea when they have Old Town White Coffee in Genting?

It's time to head back down the hill before it gets dark. Toodles~
I had lotsa fun but I'm still afraid of the long winding road up the hill...

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7 Responses to Genting Phobia

Emily Yee said...

You look very happy and beautiful. I love you on the competition. :)

linda said...

love ya smile and you look gorgeous.

Kristen said...

looks like a fun time! i like your coat

ps- i'm having a leather jacket giveaway and would love for you to enter!

Huszaini said...

hi blogger of the month! :) nice trip!

.:Leeming:. said...

Emily Yee: Thanks babe =)Thanks for the lovely compliments...appreciate much~happy year 2011 babe.

Linda: Thanks so much babe =)Happy Year 2011~

Kristen: Yea i so had a fun time. I'm loving ya blog. I've linked you in "Ming Links Of Love". Happy Year 2011 babe~

Huszaini: hehe thanks~ Happy Year 2011! =)

Anonymous said...

hi ming!

love your blog and sense of style! i wanna get a jacket like yours too! where is this dude and duchess? the jacket still available?


.:Leeming:. said...

hi Fong =) Thanks for the compliment. Well Dude & Duchess is located at bangsar vill 2 and empire shopping gallery. I'm not sure whether they still have the same jacket...

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