It's a Softball Thing

Dad I guess you've been waiting for me to post up these pictures for a long time =). Finally I've done editing Phew~ That's a lot to edit. Now you can choose ya favorite picture as ya Facebook profile picture =)...ish dah tua tua nak main Facebook lagi LOL...
The mister: I thought softball its a girl game.

"huh? who said so? Hmm...compared to baseball err maybe...but it's definitely not a girl thing"

dad explained:
Well Softball is a direct descendant of baseball although some key differences are that softballs are larger than baseballs and the pitches are thrown underhand rather than overhand. Softball is played on a smaller diamond than in baseball...and yada...yada...yada...@_@

In spite of the wet weather lately, luckily it was cloudy and cool the other day...what perfect weather to play softball.


gloves...check! bat...check!

Everybody sit back cause the game its gonna start real soon

Cheer for daddy~

dad is pitching the ball

pura-pura rajin ni study for SPM....perh~ konon la =)

My all time fav no.


Once again it was a great family day out. I was kinda surprise that the teams are quite good. These old people can really play...

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8 Responses to It's a Softball Thing

Suraya said...

Do you mind sharing where did you get the softball top?

.:Leeming:. said...

hey suraya =)the boyfriend get it from Japan and my sisters get it from Malacca...I think you can find them at some bundle store =)

softball fan :P said...

where is this softball event?

.:Leeming:. said...

Malacca =)...It's more like my dad high school softball team gathering.

mooiyan said...

Hey Ming!i didn't know 17 is your favorite number too until i read this just now!hehehe *cheers*
My birthday falls on the 17 that's why it's my favorite number as well.haha!
Love your jersey here!!<3

Anonymous said...

wow ! love the softball tops too. Bundle store ? mind telling where? :)

.:Leeming:. said...

mooi yan: haha i'm july baby 1st of july =) 17 is my all time favorite no =)...will help you to cari 1 in malacca =P

anonymous: Malacca bundle store =)

mooiyan said...

now only i saw your reply Ming!hahaha wonder 17 is your favorite number lah.hehe.17 rocks dear!!hehe
Okie,thank you Ming!Hopefully you can find some more with 17 at the back as well!hehe

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