Busy Yet Fun

Hi guys hope you all are well...never had the chance to blog yesterday cause I was pretty busy. Can't believe I was late to the charity event! I apologize for that. Glad that the event went smooth~ I know I was a lil nervous but I had fun on stage. To all TAR students who involve in The A Cut Above Charity Campaign. You guys really did an AWESOME job!!! Thanks again Jason Low for inviting me to such great event! =)

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3 Responses to Busy Yet Fun

Yen said...

Thanks for support Ming! hope u enjoy at " A Cut Above Charity " campaign! nice blog<3

r e b e c c a said...

HAHA. were you sitting on a trash can? :P

.:Leeming:. said...

yen:Ur welcome yen =) I really had fun!you guys did a great job and thanks for having me there.

rebecca: Haha yeap...that trash can its for decoration thou =D

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