Being Schoolgirl

I feel like a schoolgirl in this. If by some weird twist of fate, I suddenly inherit a school and become its directress, I would definitely require everyone to come creatively dressed in their own version of uniform. Just like the gossip girl...if you notice none of the main characters are actually wearing the official school uniform. Instead they’re all wearing these fashionable bastard versions, usually in their distinctive personal style.

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5 Responses to Being Schoolgirl

doristeh said...

fashionable bastard versions?

what does it mean?

.:Leeming:. said...

doristeh: directress = a woman who is a director.

MILK said...

love your skirt!!
I bet we girls will all be late to school if we get to choose what we wore. :)


.:Leeming:. said...

sher: thanks~ haha yea i guess most of the students would rather sleep than waking up so early to dress up =)

Budak Kuat Nanges said...

i LOVE your skirt <3 soooo cute

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