This is my very first time to participate in this LeftBlock Junk Sale. It was such a great experience. I got to meet so many lovely people. WOW!!! I was so surprise by how many blog readers came to say hi! Here's a little recap...

I think I'm the 1st to arrived at 9:45 in the morning before everyone was there to set up =)

I may be partial but I like my booth. it was so bright & colorful, and fun.

The crowd was crazy I met so many lovely blog readers and shoppers... i wish i would have gotten more pictures of them with my camera. but i was too busy...

Sammie and Ruben came to visit!!!

then Pin and Chien darl came to visit too...She bought a top and a dress from me. Pin on the other hand complaining about the crowd haha~ You guys are awesome!!!

I totally loving their style...one stylish couple =)

It was definitely a long day~ a HUGE thanks to Joyce and Michelle for inviting me to be apart of the event, and thank you to the boyfriend for being so incredibly awesome for helping me the whole day. I give myself a pat on the back for a productive day, filled with much physical activity (lifting boxes of clothes, hangers, and metal railings!) I am too tired to be coherent...again thanks to everyone who came and support~


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5 Responses to LEFTBLOCK Junk Sale!

mooi yan said...

hey Ming!too bad i couldn't make it that day.glad that you had fun though.hehehe
and i'll try my best to be there next time.haha

.:Leeming:. said...

hehe thanks for supporting babe...I'll try to post the rest of the clothes on my blog =)

Wan Hafisah Collection's said...

wow! nice. nice dress!!

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OMG that's us! Thanks dear...
Fall in love with your looks too :)

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