Stars & Stripes

Hey.. and sorry for being away for a while.. I'm back from my 2 day getaway that I really did not have time for blogging and there's no freaking connection -_____-.... My trip to Penang was kinda boring thou~ Thank god we're back early, now back to basic!

You may remember that I wore this outfit like 1 year ago, when star was the hit thing back then...I wanted to sell this top at the junkyard sale, but I decided to keep it =). Although the star prints fashion is dead, but I do think it can look nice on certain items. I'm loving this top so much, maybe It's because of the material or elegant designs. I don't want to be mean, but I think that one should be very careful when buying star printed items because it's so easy for these items to look cheap.

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Star top, Topshop - Stripe skirt, BKK - Pumps, Nose - Handbag, Marc Jacob.

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3 Responses to Stars & Stripes

Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

hi Ming!! finally i found you! remember Shoeville event? i forgot to ask ur blog url, but i remember ur name.. Ming.. Ming.. Ming..

you are so beautiful!

Simplemama said...

Hai Ming...i found u from Nuffnang..u r featured blogger for this month..congratulation..
u r so beautiful..nice to see u..

.:Leeming:. said...

Rab: thanks for the compliment =) haha definitely remember you babe~me loving ya blog =)

simplemama:hehe thanks for the compliment *blush* appreciate much =)

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