Babysitting My Two Little Toads

You're probably really tired of me telling you about me going back to my hometown. Yea it's always the same I know...I know...but I can't find any interesting things to do in Malacca besides hunting for good food. Well I thought this is gonna be a relaxing weekend trip. I'm just gonna chill at home and do nothing~

Suddenly my mom have this last minute plan...@_@!!!

"Ming...I have this last minute dinner plan with ya dad tonight can you help me to babysit the 2 lil toads."

"HUH? Why me...the 2 other sister can help you out!I have alot to do mom, I got to prepare lotsa stuff for the upcoming flea remember?" *Kononla alot of stuff to prepare*

"Nah don't give all sorts of excuses...ya 2nd sis is working and the 3rd one have a lot of studies to do for her SPM exams. You have no choice!"

"OK~OK~I'll help you then"

Hmm I haven't babysat for a long time. But babysitting my lil sis is gonna be pretty easy I guess...especially if you were once a lil girl because you can relate to their interest and their mindset. When you're babysitting you just need to know the following:

If they're hungry, order their favorite food (fast food would be the best option).

if they get dirty, hose them down in the background.

And finally if they get troublesome, grab them by the collar, lift them up, look them straight in the eye, and say "I'm elder than you."

Easy Peasy!!!

Just when I thought everything's gonna be fine...then I heard the 2 toads was cheering happily.

"JIE!!! Wayne kor kor said he's bringing us to Jonker tonight yayyy!!!"


thanks to the mister for that "great" family night out plan . I just hope they don'y throw their tantrum on me -_______-. Since I have to take the girls to public places I definitely need more helping I drag the 2 other sisters along. I'm glad my 2nd sis agreed to joined us after work =) cause she's very good with kids.

So here we are!!!

kids will always be kids. They just love to ask plenty of questions, like why this and why that. Although it's irritating sometimes...but I'll try my best to answer every single question.

while we were walking and checking out some stuff my 4th sis came up to me and say...

"Jie, can I donate to that poor man who play the violin."

"Obviously you can...It's good to be kind hearted darl =)"

I was kinda surprise for what she did. She's only 9! When I was at her age I couldn't be bother much...

Look at the crowd on Saturday, it's crazy! You can't barely even walk...

finally all of them are here~

I got to say it was a great night out...we definitely did a great job babysitting that 2 cute toads =).

I guess both of us will make a great parents! right wayne? LOL~

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3 Responses to Babysitting My Two Little Toads

Anonymous said...

wow, are they all your sisters??

.:Leeming:. said...

yeap they r all my sisters =)

Nikel Khor said...

wah.. all your sister's look similar..

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