old clothes for sale!

I'm packing my clothes and I realize I have tons and tons of clothes. I really have a BIG problem. I shop too much. I can’t resist pretty clothes, even if I have more than enough of them already. Shopaholic Its a real disease, don’t laugh! =) I use clothes once or twice sometimes only for the sake of photoshoot and get tired of them. Most of the items in my closet don’t even see the light of day!

Now, I have decided to sell the clothes I don’t really use anymore. I need more closet space. So, To get things done faster, I’m selling most my clothes tomorrow at Fat Spoon (DETAILS)!!! all items are going for a special price I’m slashing off up to 70% going from RM15~

* there's a few fashion bloggers will be there too~ *

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4 Responses to old clothes for sale!

Agnes said...

congratulations on being the featured blogger in nuffnang! Nice blog you have.

annshanielle.blogspot.com said...

Hii ah ming, how are you? Really pretty clothes you have but too bad I can't attend the junk sales. Wonder do you sell in online? ;D x x x

Shearlee said...

yes, it will be ubber cool if you allow shopping online!

.:Leeming:. said...

Agnes: Thanks alot!!! =)

Annushanielle and shearlee: yeap I will sell it on blog...stay tuned for it ya =)

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