Last Weekend

Well...yea It was my 1st time in Padang Serai, Kedah. I was pretty excited but the journey is killing me. From KL to Kedah that's a freaking long journey. My butt goes numb sitting in the car for almost 4 hours...the mister was like

"eh city girl you'll be amaze with the scenery in Padang Serai. There's nothing in my can't find Starbucks...Topshop...Aldo...etc...Oh wait! They have Starbucks recently but it's still far from here."

"Helooo~ Stop calling me city girl I live in the kampung before very much like Padang Serai."

"Oh yea there's another thing you need to can't find water heater in my grandparent's place =D."


"HAHA...just kidding!"


We reach our destination!!! Finally I can stand and do a lil stretching...

Ok I'll never complaint if there's no water heater...cause this house has been around for almost 30 years~

Oh my I want this cupboard to be in my vintagy.

The Sim's family business

Pictures from all over Padang Serai, where I spent the last weekend...

p/s: Tomorrow I'll be attending the A Cut Above Charity Event at Tar College. Do drop by and support! xoxo~

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3 Responses to Last Weekend

Reen Tart Nenas said...

love also the cupboard. sangat vintage! and you look pretty too :)

hayatul amira said...

hey , i ve been to padang serai too :)

.:Leeming:. said...

Reen: yea so vintage kan...I think I migh steal it haha and thanks for ya compliment babe appreciate much!

amira: Hehe there nothing much there but i love the kampung lifestyle thou...=)

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