There's a new shoe outlet IN TOWN!!! Shoeville happens to be the 'new kid on the block' and their arrivals has prompted shoe lovers across Malaysia to jump for joy. Shoeville is a multibrand shop which carries luxurious ladies shoes imported from Brazil. The brands that they carries are Satryani, Via Uno, Raphaella Booz and Biondini.

Shoeville strives to encourage and boost Malaysians SHOEphisticated lifestyle with the array of lust-worthy shoes they offer. The quality, material and also
for their unique styling and comfort makes them stand out from the other shoe outlets. It's interesting to find out that most of their shoes are made of cow leather, pony hair and guess what...The owner of Shoeville is bringing in fish skin shoes next season!!! I can't hardly wait for it to be in store!!!

I'm totally in love with the interior...

I wish in future to come I can have shoe rack like this in my walk in wardrobe =) ~

pony hair heels definitely suitable for your wedding day!

This pair is so comfortable~

I love how they play with the details and texture on each individual designs.

studs everywhere =D

interesting texture on leather

and if you love those bling then I guess this is your type of can be all diva with it!

Pauline and Celine introduced us what's all about Shoeville

What a coincident...Fatin was at the event too =)

Rabiatul Adawiyah was there too...

Awesome window display!!!

After sipping some red wine and loitering around the store...Pauline and Celine had an announcement. They actually planned a game for us =). But 1st we have to chose our favorite pair of shoe in store then describe why we chose it.

I'm having a really hard time choosing my favorite pair thou...but I manage to narrow down to this Satryani Ruth.

Well the reason why I chose Stryani Ruth because I thought I'm wearing the wrong pair of heels that night =)...Usually If you're wearing a maxi dress is advisable to put on a peep toe heels. I also very much in love with the design of this heels it matches my style...I don't have a specific style...I love to mix and match my clothes and I'm sure this heels will definitely goes well with my wardrobe =).

ok game over!!! let's find out who's the winner ~ Winner will stand a chance to receive a RM400 voucher from Shoeville

1st winner

2nd winner

and 3rd winner...lucky me!!!
I seriously can't believe that I'm one of them. Thanks Pauline and Celine~

As usual every event will end with a group picture =)
say cheese everyone!!!

Thanks Fatin for the additional RM80 voucher

Oh yea before I end this I need to let you know that each shoe design in Shoeville comes in limited quantities. So be sure to grab your favorite pair before it runs out!

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3 Responses to SHOEphisticated

Michelle . WeyChin said...

the shoes are so NICE..and expensive :(

.:Leeming:. said...

darl mich yea its kinda ex but it's really the design is limited =)

City Girl (EC1) said...

Lovely shoes!!! Looks like a great night! Great to find your blog :) Will follow & look forward to more! xx

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