Being Kiddos

Time flies and tomorrow is Saturday again!!! Last weekend was a pretty prefect weekend for both of us =)

Me and the mister went to Empire Shopping Gallery for a fun date. Empire Shopping Gallery is so called the latest shopping mall in Subang Jaya. We actually thought of getting a new luggage bag and top up my groceries...but we ended up spending most of our time in Toys"R"Us. Well Toys"R"Us is like my childhood indoor playground and now it is still my indoor playground.

Guess what I saw!!! halloween decoration and costume!!! Sadly none of the costume fit my size~ I can only put on those weird hats =(...if I have a wish I'll wish to be a kid again where there's no stress in life.

This is one horrible looking nerd haha~

Pumpkin heads

The cruel witch haha I know I don't look cruel at all here


I dunno what's wrong with Barbies nowadays. Looks like the world most famous doll had a major plastic surgery. They had so much make-ups on their face...seriously Barbie, sorry to say that you look so much prettier last time.

This cute lil thing on our head work as a head rest haha...

After all the fun time in Toy"R"Us we drop by Summit to have dinner. We got to take our time eating our favorite oyster noodle and chit-chatting.
Then we came home, watched Grey's Anatomy and the mister did some drawings for his next tattoo =).

Err...I dunno what's this for

This is what I wore:

Denim Pinafore, Bombshell - Shirt, Cotton On - Heels, MBK - Hand Bag, Marc Jacob.

HAPPY FRIDAY to you!!!

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One Response to Being Kiddos

Anonymous said...

Love your denim pinafore and shoes!! Actually, love everything!!

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