My Bestest Buddy Is Back!!!

Hello lovelies how's ya weekend? My weekend was fun yet sad at the same time...because the mister is not around~But I spend most of my time hanging with my friends and guess what my bestest buddy Leslie Lim is back!!! If you add me up on Facebook I'm sure you know him. This guy will said the most nastiest thing to me, being rude to me and he always treated me like I'm one of his guy friends...but he never fails to put a smile on my face =).

here we're on our way to pick the most annoying person!!!

and we spotted this!!! 'Restaurant Insaf' that's a funny name for a restaurant =D

Here he is!!! You can see that Leslie is a "busy guy"... see what he do after getting into the car~ you guys definitely have to see this!!!

Hari-hari club...hari hari perempuan memang takde lain la ish lelaki ni~ LOL

After picking him up I decided to have dessert. I knew he was really hungry but I insisted to have dessert 1st...and there he goes again cursing, swearing, Slang, and Vulgarity sigh~ typical Leslie. I'm totally immune to his attitude. I then
suggested that we head over to Snowflake @ SS15. Snowflake is located on the 1st floor of one of the shop houses facing Asia Cafe. Parking can be a pain, especially at night.

Me and the mister ordered their Snowflake Best Seller and Leslie ordered Coco Loco...They gave us this beeping UFO when we placed our order. This 'UFO' thing would vibrate and shake vigorously when your order is ready. So ingenious!!!

The order came after 10 minutes

On his phone again~ biadab betul budak ni!!!

The Snowflake Best Seller was good. It wasn't too sweet, had some nice grass jelly, chewy taro (yam) and sweet potato balls to chew on and balanced with that ice cold touch. Certainly made a very pleasant dessert.

Snowflake is fast becoming my favorite dessert place. The bestseller dessert is something not to be missed!

Ok Leslie now you can have ya dinner haha~ I felt so good after torturing him for an hour =D. Hmm...Since he misses Malaysian food so much We decided to settle down at Ampang Homeland Yong Tau Foo in USJ Taipan. There’s just 3 of us...Therefore we didn’t order that much of food.

Well I just wanna say that I'm glad that you're back bro!!!

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4 Responses to My Bestest Buddy Is Back!!!

Hayley said...

Wow, can see you guys are quite close!
The snowflakes really so nice?? Hmm, am looking forward to try ler ;)

.:Leeming:. said...

Heyley: darl~ yeap we are really close...I knew him since we were 14 =)...oh yea really delicious you should try =)

Michelle . WeyChin said...

Hahaha.. he's so funny! ahaha

.:Leeming:. said...

haha michie yeap he's one funny dude!

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