One Stressful Weekend

OMG~ I had such a stressful weekend... I have regrets and I'm sure everyone out there have regrets...some big and some small. But I always take it as a learning process. I'm still learning new things everyday...learning from our choices to avoid mistakes again. Well say hello to life. Sometimes things just don't work out the way we hoped, but that doesn't mean life is over. You pick up the pieces and move on. You look to the future with hopes of having what you wish for today. Hmm ok drop that!!! Let's talk about fashion hehe~ It's been awhile since I last blog about what I wear =) feast ya eyes with these pictures.

Top, Baci - skirt, (I have no idea where my mom got this) =) - Wedges, Vincci - Bag, Marc Jacob - Jewellery, Diva and Forever 21


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2 Responses to One Stressful Weekend

Hayley said...

Wow lovely outfits Ming!
Yes you're right, we still have regrets even though we've been through many times of experiences.. sigh.. just hope that we'll encounter less and less regrets when we grow older =_=

You have a nice day gal...

Anonymous said...

desserts!!! where is that place? looks like tong yuen


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