I'm Gonna Make You b.liv

Most of us struggle with skin problems, even if you're not prone to them. I understand that everyone wants to have good complexion. All celebrities have some sort of skin flaws, don't they? The answer is NO, celebs have perfect skin just a principle. Just kidding! Celebs are just like all of us. They have great skin moments, and skin malfunction too. We're all humans.

Well not all o us were born with perfect skin, we must work towards it. Perhaps make up can hide the imperfections in our
skin, but do you really want to be hiding your complexion instead of showing off? What about when you wake up first thing in the morning or go to the beach and the pool? Or maybe going out on a lazy day out? Those are moments in which you will have to expose your naked face.

Don't panic...don't panic...you girls don't need to worry about anything. Now you can enhance the natural beauty and enjoy your great complexion with b.liv by Cellnique. b.liv by Cellnique had been in the industry for a year. Driven by a decades worth of expertise in the professional beauty salon industry. b.liv has the impeccable pedigree of being the creation of Asian's most effective paramedical salon brand, Cellnique paramedical originally named "Cellnique Pro-series", the brand has be renamed to b'liv by Cellnique to better reflect its objective of catering to the confident, stylist, dynamic and on-the-go youth with a skincare routine made specifically for them with proven results and easy to use!

There are 4 ranges of products, one for blemishes/ acne, one for blackheads, one for large pores, and another for dry skin.

Most of you know that I'm facing dry skin and uneven skin tone problem. I guess the dry skin range is the perfect range for me. If you are facing the same problems like me...what you need is

1. Drench Me
2. Quench Me
3. Glow & Shine
4. Leach Me

1. Drench Me Moisturizing Clenser

First of all, press a generous amount of Drench Me. Just mix it with water, lather up until you see foam.

Then only apply on face. It's anti-oxidant properties keep aging signs at bay, and it's water-binding ability keeps my skin hydrated all day~

2. Quench Me Moisturizing Gel

This moisturizing gel is like a magic gel and it smells really good too. After applying on my skin...I felt instant moisture! It lavishes my face with moisturizing and cell revitalizing nutrients. The gel moisture retaining properties keep hydration leaving skin supple, recharge and healthy.

It's important to use a moisturizer. Every skin type needs moisture, protection and nourishing to function normal and to be healthy. Moisturizer protect your skin from the sun, wind, cold, from the environmental pollutants and nourish your skin.

Do this Daily and you can see the result instantly! Besides that you could improve your skin with Glow & Shine Mask and also Leach Me once or twice a week =).

After two weeks this is my skin results...now I don't have to hide myself with heavy make-ups. All I need is eyeliner, faux eyelashes and lip gloss then I'm good to go!

So now wanna win some cool cash and prizes? As you know b.liv has been around for a year. Bringing its effectiveness various countries and most importantly to wherever you are now!

Let's dress up b.liv for 365 b day celebration win grand prize worth US$365 of products.

How to win:
1. Be b.liv facebook fan by clicking 'like'.
2.Upload "dress up b.liv" photo on b.liv facebook wall. You can dress up b.liv in your creative way either virtually, physically or both. Write a caption of birthday message in 10 words or less.
3.Get your friends to vote for you by clicking 'like' on your photo.
4. 1st participant that receive 365 votes will win the grand prize.

It's just as easy as A...B...C =D

I'm all ready for this!!! Guess what I'm Done with my very own design~

I'm sure you guys can definitely do better than this =)

So what are you waiting for...get creative and submit your designs right now!!! Oh yeah before I wrap up this post I need to share this too!!! There's more great promotion~

Register at www.blivskin.com and receive 365 points*. Promotion ends at 30th November so register NOW before it's too late~

Wonder where to get b.liv products? Well it's available in all Sasa, Alpro and Heathlane outlets. For more information, log on to b.liv webside. Good luck people!!!

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8 Responses to I'm Gonna Make You b.liv

gagalicious said...

waaahhh complexion veli nice ah!

Anonymous said...

wow.. i think you cannot leave home without makeup. 1st time seeing you without make up. im SHOCKED!

.:Leeming:. said...

gagalicious: Thanks for the comment babe~ appreciate much!!!

anonymous: Hi anonymous haha...well at least I'm not fake on my blog...thanks for ya comment thou~

gagalicious said...

what the SHOCK-ing going my anonymous friend!? what's the matter with she not having makeups on her face? how would u even know she cant leave home without make up?

Anonymous said...

Hi Leeming
May I know which eyeliner are you using?

.:Leeming:. said...

gagalicious:Thanks so much for ya comment =)

Anonymous:I'm using M.A.C gel eyeliner =)

Anonymous said...

Hey :),

How much does this range cost? I'm having super dry skin lately up to the point that my skin is peeling and white things are forming at the sides of my mouth and nose. I'm considering buying this range as I've heard good reviews about this brand. Did it work for you? Are you still using it?

.:Leeming:. said...

hey anonymous, Yeap I'm still using it...so far so good. Hmm~ the range cost about 60-70+. There's alot of range so Its all depend on what range ur buying. try it! =)

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