I'm Real Sick!

I have nothing much to say...the weather is bad out there and I'm real sick. I'd wish to see there’s fall in Malaysia~ Well stop dreaming Ming you'll never see that. Arhhh~ My whole body is aching...lately I felt so lethargic and always tired. I wish I'm on my Oh-So-Comfy bed right now with Moldy (my blanky).

p/s: I have a few question for you (my readers) but I'll just save for the next post.

Align CenterTop, MNG - Braided Belt, Baci - Gingham Skirt, Junkyard sale - Jacket, Sevendays - Wedges, Vincci.

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One Response to I'm Real Sick!

Anonymous said...

get well soon Ming!

remember I asked u abt which marc jacob bag u used? what is the measurement for your bag? how come there are so many different measurements but they still call it classic Q baby groovee satchel? it would be helpful of u if u could help me out here.


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