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Hi lovelies, today I’m gonna need you guys to do me a favor. Me and a few of my crazy buddies is taking part in this contest. Don’t worry this is not another modeling contest. This time it’s gonna be something different hehe…we are taking part the Digi youths - free your ideas contest. Well Digi is giving away RM10,000 weekly in support to fulfill the ideas which was the most votes.

Me and the buddies always have this dream to backpack around Malaysia. Why Malaysia? Being a Malaysian, I was quite upset by the fact that there are still quite a number of people do not know what Malaysia has to offer. Seriously I could go on and on with plenty of reasons why Malaysia indeed a traveler’s paradise, I would take this opportunity to focus on a few points which I feel distinguished Malaysia from the rest of the traveler destinations around the world.

Malaysia is rich cultural heritage is apparent. The different races practice different religious belief. Malaysia boasts of the MOST beautiful beaches and awesome resorts, the world’s oldest Tropical rainforest. The food in Malaysia is plentiful and many varieties due to the diverse ethnic groups living together. What more reason why you should visit Malaysia? Fundamentally, the problem we are facing right now is not having enough money!!!

We have already submitted our picture and idea complete with our wish to www.facebook.com/digiyouths. Now we really need your support!!! Take us as your favorite and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! FOR US!!! We truly appreciate much and do click on the LINK (http://apps.facebook.com/freeyourideas/?entry=658) and place ya vote. THANK YOU!!! =D

p/s: My buddy Leslie is currently in Brisbane, but he’s urging to join us for this great experience…that’s why he’s on the webcam with us!!! =P

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