ATTENTION to all lingeristas!!!

I have an AMAZING news for everyone!!! I'm sure you girls gonna LOVE this...hmm for the guys this could be the best pressie for your girlfriend. But you know what this could be uber-amazing if you are a La Senza Prestige Card Member...on 10/10/10 you can enjoy a one day only 50% off total bill when you purchase minimum 10 items from La Senza...I repeat ONE DAY ONLY 50% OFF TOTAL BILL!!!

So what are you waiting for?Go to the nearest La Senza store and be a La Senza Prestige Card Member today. You can save 10% every time you shop at La Senza, plus get a booklet of vouchers worth RM150 in total value. Not just that, be invited for shopping parties, special VIP events and sale preview. All for just RM30. A can't miss for all lingeristas!!!

For more information on future promotions in La Senza click 'like' on La Senza facebook.

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4 Responses to ATTENTION to all lingeristas!!!

Anonymous said...

hi ming, how to become member? hv to spend how much first only can join?

.:Leeming:. said...

you can become La Senza Member for only RM30 =)

izzati said...

i love la senza ! :)

.:Leeming:. said...

I guess all the gals love La Senza =)

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