Welcome Back Sis!!!

the kiddo us in year 2007

WELCOME BACK BABE!!! We definitely miss you much after 3 months in the UK ~ there's so much to catch up!!! And somebody is getting a new ink =) I can't wait to see ya new tattoo on Friday mwah~ I bet you're pretty nervous and excited at the same time huh =D. It's a pleasure to meet you last night and thanks so much for the souvenirs darl I love it alot mawh~

year 2007

year 2008

year 2009

year 2010

Gosh we're getting older each day!!!

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3 Responses to Welcome Back Sis!!!

Hayley said...

Your sister or best friend? hehe..

.:Leeming:. said...

haha hayley darl she's my best friend =)

charlotte said...

young at heart baby!X

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