Back To Hometown!

I guess I have too much stripey stuff...but I love them I love it all~ Whenever I carry a paper bag home. The mister will look at me and say HUH BABY NOT AGAIN!!! He will always be the same guy who scolds me for buying more clothes than I need. He always encourages me to swift through the racks so I can stop fidgeting or whatever. I actually manage to get rid a lot of my clothes from my closet ,but I never have enough time to post it on blog and sell them away. Well i shall do it one day haha... I know I've been saying this like so many times but i never do so =P. Girls be patient ok~

p/s: Here are some of the photos we took last Saturday when we were back in Malacca. It's been years since I last visited Jonker Street night market.

I find this really interesting~ but the sister call me 'Sua Ku'It really taste good just like potato chips =)Here's a blast from the past, an old fashioned Kok Kok candy stall. This candy was extremely popular during the old days. Yummylicious Chai Tau KuehRed Bottom Nautical Top, ThePopLook - Ribbon Tutu, ThePopLook

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2 Responses to Back To Hometown!

The Mister said...

where is my chin!!!???? :/

Erika Toh said...

Aw...I miss Malacca too! :( Can't wait to go back there during the school holidays~ I love Jonker Walk! xD

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