Happy Birthday Bro!!!

Hello lovelies~ Last Saturday my brother hosted a small BBQ poolside party at his crib that involved lots of meat and alcohol. I love barbecue but not too often. When having a barbecue, I think the fun part is to barbecue the food and wait for it to cook while chilling and mingling around with your friends. I can really enjoy eating while barbecuing. The weather was perfect, the breeze was soothing and the atmosphere was welcoming. BUT!!! we failed to set up the fire...how sad is that!

We started setting up the fire from 5pm till 9pm. I got to admit we are suck in it. So our 2nd plan is to move everything up to the condo and start cooking. Now~ It seems more like a cooking party than a barbecue party LOL... We fried Sambal Sotong, Marinated Chicken, Sambal Ikan,by using a pan and we stuffed all the hot dogs in the microwave...Oh yeah and ordered 2 Dominos Pizza.

I must say the food is awesome!!! A BIG THANK YOU to those who helped out with the food and made this a successful birthday party for my brother Vince =). All in all it was a great party we definitely had FUN~ but i have to say the barbecue plan suck big time haha~ Happy Birthday Kor!

lovely sis and her boyfriend Herk
The mister and meLoving my feather earring from ModestarrThe mister enjoying his Nadeje Mille Crepe cake all the way from Malacca~
Shaz and rach the chef was there too =)!Herk I can see that you're gonna be a great husband =D Marvin its a pleasure to meet you again grabbing food from the table and ate awayFamily bonding time! =)Sambal IkanChef Vivi and Chef Rach in the house!
Make me immortal with a kissour 10min chicken herbal soup haha~singing sessionHerk I know you're tired Adi and his gawjuz shazzy lookalike girlfriend Kaleidoscope Dress, ThePopLook - Belt, BKK - Red Pumps, Nose - Feather Earring, Modestarr.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Bro!!!

rYnz's Closet said...

hahah! first glance i thought was shazzy!! ming darl, i like ur dressss!

.:Leeming:. said...

hahaa macam shazzy right =) thax for the compliments darl i really love that dress too =) bila balik?

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