1st Day In Tawau

well nothing much about my 1st day in Tawau. Basically we visit Teck Guan Cocoa Museum and cocao plantation...but I definitely learn a lot about cocoa =). Do you know that Tawau is the world's third largest of cocoa bean after Ivory Coast and Ghana. It was named the cocoa capital in Asia in the 1980s. Tawau is always inseparable with cocoa. Tawau Cocoa Village is situated at the world-renowned cocoa-planting site, Quoin Hill. We are taken on a two-hour guided tour to see how cocoa is cultivated, harvested, fermented and dried before they are sent to the factory. In close proximity to the factory is a guest house. There is a gallery of cocoa products which tourists can buy as souvenirs. We are served a variety of local fruits.Oh yeah and there's cocoa tarik performance too~

p/s: I didn't bring my camera along cause it's inconvenient at all...yeah~ that's why not much cocoa picture. these pictures are all from the mister's company~

Visit Tawau Cocoa Factory yummilicious chocolate ondeh-ondeh, popcorn, Chocolate fried noodles, cocoa fried roll and hot chocolate~ I definitely gained a few pounds after visiting Teck Guan Cocoa Museum =D2nd day of Tawau will be up soon!!! =)

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