Sleepless Nights

Just a little hello and a heads up on what's happening here...The mister said my blog is getting BORING~ yea I persinallyfelt that too. I've been busy with a lot of things lately as you guys know I just started working again. I'm really happy with the new environment and the people 'm working with are all so nice =). Well I am still very much exhausted most days and haven't been getting much sleep, but I have been napping whenever I can and I think it's helping a bit. I'll be back tomorrow for more picture =P.

Leopard Print Cardigan, ThePopLook - Grey cotton spendex Tank, Cotton On - Shorts, Miss Cindy - My all time favourite pumps, Vincci - Vintage Watch, Rado.

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4 Responses to Sleepless Nights

sherlyn said...

WOW! this time's photo looks good! especially picture 3&4!~ :p

meris said...

hi, may i know what you work as? model? :D

Anonymous said...

u no more working in baci? where u working now?


pj said...

hi, did u buy this pumps recently at vincci? i am looking for something similar :)

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